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The data entry projects at SK Data Entry Services are dealt with expert professionals who are well familiar in the data entry jobs. We can boast of the highly-skilled, data entry workforce offering high quality service. This enables our client to get quality data in the shortest possible time without the need to shell out a huge amount of money. By making an effective use of the available tools, accuracy and precision of the job done, is guaranteed. We ensure that the data entered, processed or conversed in tune with the client’s needs and project specification is precise and accurate, making the clients happy. For maintaining top quality in the services we offer, we adopt means for verification of the documents so that there is no room for making mistakes by our operators. The professionals engaging in doing their work are rich in experience as they have dealt with various projects before, maintaining quality control in the projects delivered.

SK Data Entry Services is the right option for you to outsource your requirements. At SK Data Entry Services, we always ensure to provide high quality services at competitive price. We make use of the various techniques and analysis checks to improve and control the honesty of data. If you want to use our data entry services, you will certainly like to get the accurate data and we used to follow all the procedures to serve it as per your requirements. Outsourcing is a strategic step for all companies; SK Data Entry services make the strategy of success by providing high quality output.

We have a strong quality checking procedure. The procedure is mentioned below to show the workflow & methodology we adopt for quality check. All the project standards are predefined for all the team members before starting the project. These standards are strictly adhered to by each team member.

Our QC Team:

We have a special team to handle the quality checking of all the projects. We work hard to achieve the highest amount of accuracy possible using different types of methods and tools depending on client requirements and project specifications.


When designing the data entry program for each project, we make extensive use of field validations, including drop-down list for repetitive data, lookups, formulas, analysis with pivot table, data restrictions and many more.

Double Keying Method:

Accuracy is most important part of all data entry project; we used to follow double keying methodology. This Double keying method gives high accuracy than the single entry method. In this method, we do the same entries with 2 different persons. The output of these 2 persons will be compared with software tool that we have, here its check each and every entry and if either one of the entry mismatches, it will be highlighted. Then the mismatched entry will be verified by the quality controller with the respective source file and then replace the incorrect one with the correct one. This way the procedure continues till the end and lastly a final audit is done to make sure that everything is perfect, and then final output is delivered with the high accuracy.

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